The Sacred Green container will find its way back home – back to the earth!

Sacred Green was created by three passionate consumers who asked the simple question “where does all this plastic go?” With thoughtful intention, prayer and connecting with amazing industry experts, Sacred Green has created the first 100% eco-compatible, backyard compostable packaging technology that dissolves back into the soil and acts as a fertilizer without any negative residual imprint to nature.

Disposed into landfill, recycled with yard clippings or in a paper bin, mulched into compost, or unfortunately ending up as litter along the road or in the ocean; Sacred Green will decompose and disappear into the soil without toxins or need for further processing. The earth REACTS to plastic packaging by rejecting it. The earth RESPONDS to Sacred Green Technology by recognizing and accepting it.

Marrying sustainable natural polymers with paperboard, Sacred Green has an unlimited supply for its technology and can be transformed into countless packaging shapes, sizes and needs (from liquid to hard materials). Plastic packages leech chemicals that contaminate products and cause a host of health issues; while Sacred Green is free of any chemicals as well as 100% digestible and marine degradable.

Sacred Green has patented this technology and licenses this technology to packaging manufacturers. If you are a manufacturer and are interested in learning more about our technology, please fill out the form on the Licensing Page.